Date: 15-06-21 Boat Name : Zubairi 1 | Expected Arrival : 2am | Expected Varieties : Mushka, surmai, pomfret, saram

Date: 15-06-21 Boat Name : Al Manzar | Expected Arrival : 12 am | Expected Varieties : Prawns, Tiger Prawns

Date: 15-06-21 Boat Name : Marvi | Expected Arrival : 3 am | Expected Varieties : Assorted fishes, Goli, Surmai, Chakori, Dama, Saram, Dandia

Date: 15-06-21 Boat Name : Nafees | Expected Arrival : 3 am | Expected Varieties : Heera, Paplet, Tuna, Grouper, Kala Kund

Date: 15-06-21 Boat Name : Al Jamal | Expected Arrival : 1300 | Expected Varieties : Prawns, Lobster, Crabs

Date: 15-06-21 Boat Name : Manzoor | Expected Arrival : 3 am | Expected Varieties : Paplet, Tuna, Heera, Mushka

Date: 15-06-21 Boat Name : Layari 7 | Expected Arrival : 3 am | Expected Varieties : Surmai, Mushka, Tuna, Paplet

Date: 15-06-21 Boat Name : Al Kamal | Expected Arrival : 1300 | Expected Varieties : Mushka, Surmai, Heera, Dandia, Saram

Date: 15-06-21 Boat Name : Al Jazeerah | Expected Arrival : 1300 | Expected Varieties : jeera prawns, Tiger Prawn, Crabs.

About Us Our Vision is To Provide Fresh Seafood

We are, solving the problem of bringing fresh seafood right from the dock to your tables. is a Vproduce brand created by a family who spent the last 35 years in fish trading, cutting & supply. Pride goes back to our late aunt who started her career as a fish cutting worker.

Why is our seafood the best?

With our generally smaller boats, our fishermen take shorter fishing trips, usually no longer than 24 hours per round-trip. Whereas it is common for commercial fishing vessels to return from their trips after several weeks & mostly retail orders were supplied by the commercial traders who buy fish from these vessels in bulk at cheaper prices and then store in cold storages for months.

Our retail stores are filled with frozen seafood and we are used to it because most of us don’t know how old the catch is which we are buying.

Pakistani seafood supply chain involves a lot of players resulting in a poor quality of seafood reaching the end consumers.

How does that contribute to the freshness of the seafood?

Shorter fishing trips mean that our catch can reach end consumers within hours of the catch hence, FRESHER seafood!

Every early morning, as soon as the fishing boat dock, we carefully select the best daily catch and immediately begin cleaning, cutting & packing as per your orders. We pack the fresh fish in sealed iceboxes and deliver right from the dock. NO preservatives, NO antibiotics, or all that nonsense. Only lots of love and care! Save the time and hassle of making trips to the wet market. With our prompt home delivery service deliver fish fresh.

Upon order confirmation, your seafood box will be delivered straight to your doorsteps within 24 hours (subject to the arrival of the boats) We pack our vacuum-packed seafood in heat-insulative polystyrene boxes along with ice packs, ensuring your seafood is kept at an optimum temperature to preserve the quality.